We are a play-based, cooperative preschool with a focus on outdoor education.
  1. White Pine nordic skiing fieldtrip
    White Pine nordic skiing fieldtrip
  2. Private playground
    Private playground
  3. 3
  4. Building our natural scaped playground in 2017
    Building our natural scaped playground in 2017
  5. A typical day on our sledding hill
    A typical day on our sledding hill
  6. 9
  7. Park City Museum
    Park City Museum
  8. Park City Museum
    Park City Museum
  9. Title 9
    Title 9
  10. sled-a-thon 2018
    sled-a-thon 2018
  11. sled-a-thon 2018
    sled-a-thon 2018
  12. sled-a-thon 2018
    sled-a-thon 2018
  1. Who We Are
    We're a cooperative preschool focused on play-based learning and outdoor education. Parents spend one morning per month in the child's classroom assisting our two full-time teachers. Our typical day includes time our on nature-focused playground in the spring/fall and on the Library Field sledding hill in the winter.
  2. Parent Involvement
    As a member of the Park City Cooperative Preschool, parents are asked to: - Spend one morning in the classroom each month - Serve on at least two parent committees and participate in fundraising activities - Attend mandatory parent meetings (up to three per academic year).
  3. Co-op Parent
    Spending a day in the classroom once a month is a fun and special experience for both you and your child. Along with one other parent, you assist the teachers getting ready for the day, provide and serve snack, and clean the classroom at the end of the day. You'll find it easy to enjoy your time in the classroom and generally just feel like a kid again yourself.
  4. Co-op Kid
    Co-op kids have several special privileges: helping at circle time, leading the line to go outside, putting out snack, ringing the clean up bell, picking the songs to sing at music time, and bringing a story for his/her parent to read at the end of the day. It is a special day for these kids because of these privileges, but most importantly because they get to share their day with mom or dad.
  5. Location
    Located in the heart of Park City, our classroom is on the top floor of the newly remodeled Park City Library. The children love the books, field, and nearby parks. Parents cherish the proximity to Old Town, Park City Mountain, and singletrack trails right out our back door.
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