Everyone Participates. Everyone Benefits. 
PCCP is based on a model of shared responsibility and is administered by a volunteer board of parents with two full-time, highly qualified teachers. Each family is asked to share in the operation of the school and parents are asked to spend one morning per month in the classroom assisting our two full-time teachers. Parents are also asked to participate on two school committees. The time commitment of each committee varies to accommodate different family’s schedules and availability. Often families with infants enlist the help of other co-op families when they are spending the morning in the classroom with their preschooler. 

As a member of the Park City Cooperative Preschool, parents are asked to:
- Spend one morning in the classroom each month;
- Serve on at least two parent committees;
- Attend mandatory parent meetings (up to three per academic year); and
- Participate fully in fundraising activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What responsibilities do I have as a Co-op Parent?
It is your responsibility to work in the classroom one day a month from 8:30-1:30. Parents are asked to assist the teachers in getting ready for the day, to provide and serve snack, assist the teachers throughout the day, and thoroughly clean the classroom at the end of the day. This is a special chance for you to spend time with your child. Please be prepared to be present and enjoy your time in the classroom.

Does my child have any special responsibilities on his/her Co-op Day?
Co-op kids have several special privileges: helping at circle time, leading the line to go outside, putting out snack, ringing the clean up bell, picking the songs to sing at music time, and bringing a story for his/her parent to read at the end of the day. It is a special day for these kids because of these privileges, but most importantly because a parent is there.

What if I am unable to Co-op?
If you are unable to co-op on your assigned day, you must contact other parents and find someone to switch days.  We understand illness and other emergencies happen. If you must back out at the last minute due to illness or emergency, please do your best to find a replacement and notify the teachers ASAP.

Can I bring other siblings?
Children not enrolled in the program are not permitted to come to class on co-op days. Often parents will team up with other parents to trade watching kids on their co-op days.

Can our Nanny Co-op?
Either the mother, father, or legal guardian is required to co-op. Grandparents and nannies can join parents on their co-op day, but a parent must be there.
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Meet Our Teachers
Ms. Linda Perkins 
—I’m a New England native, moved to Park City from Vermont 20 years ago
Got my undergrad in Human Development from Colby College and a Masters in American Studies from University of Wyoming
— I’ve been lead teacher at the Coop since 2000– 18 years!  The first kids I taught as 3 year olds are turning 21 this year.
—Before moving to Utah, I worked in elementary schools in Special Ed and Reading Resource Aide, directed an Elementary After School Program, taught preschool skiing and Summer Rec Camp classes...
—Volunteered in my kids’ schools for many years, teaching art classes and running an environmental ed program
—I’m passionate about the outdoors— spend free time skiing, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and gardening.  Love being able to share my passions with my students
 —What I love about my job!! Besides the obvious perk of playing and learning every day with smart, funny little people? The Coop allows me to know kids as part of a family—I love the community feeling, the amazing parental involvement and support, and knowing we’re working together as a whole “village” to raise our future generations.

Ms. Kristy Hoffman
    Kristy moved to Park City from Michigan in 1997.  As a former PCCP parent, board member, and substitute teacher she's very familiar with the school. She has also worked as a reading aide at Trailside and is very involved in the community as a member of the Park City Library Board, Live PC Give PC Coordinator, and EATS Volunteer. After graduating from Central Michigan University with a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology and have minors in Psychology and Marketing she did patient and family education for cardiac patients for many years. She's an avid runner, loves yoga and the outdoors. In 2017 Kristy returned to PCCP as a teacher to share her love for learning with the children.